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Locomotive Inspection Services

Locomotive Inspection Services

Prompt and Thorough Inspection Services provided at your location

Standard Rail has a qualified and experienced team of experts capable of conducting thorough and necessary inspection required as per FRA and/or Transport Canada regulations.

Our Inspection Services

Standard Rail Advantage

Local Dispatches

We dispatch our closest qualified locomotive repair and inspection technicians to keep costs low for locomotive owners and operators.

Reports & Certificates

We provide the documentation, reports and certificates for all of our field and inspection services as needed.

Site Clean Process

We responsibly dispose of waste and use our network of certified disposal facilities to keep our costs, and your costs, as low as possible for all inspection services.

Highly Trained Personnel

Standard Rail has fully trained Locomotive Repair and Inspection Technicians on-call to facilitate our clientele.

Reduce Maintenance Costs

Standard Rail helps you reduce maintenance costs with preventative maintenance performed at your location.

Faster turn time

Standard Rail aids you in avoiding lengthy out of service times by conduction inspection and repairing bad orders at your location.

Standard Rail is expanding, to stay up to date.
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