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About Us - Standard Rail

Standard Rail is one of the leading participants in the Rail Services industry. We place the highest importance on ensuring employee safety and delivering quality customer service. We also take pride in our team of highly experienced individuals from the rail industry. They are extremely capable of handling complex Railcar Repair, Maintenance, and Cleaning projects. Hence, our team can arrange to handle your Railcar Repair and Maintenance demands with our listed services.

Our services portfolio ranges from basic to comprehensive railcar repairs, maintenance, and cleaning tasks. We also provide Mobile Railcar Repair Services in Texas to repair, maintain and clean the cars on storage sites and customer locations.

Railcar Repair and Maintenance in Texas

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Responsive & Transparent Proposals

Our customer service team aims to provide our clients with detailed and transparent service proposals within 24 - 48 hours of the request.

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We pride ourselves on providing the most exceptional service in the areas we operate, including the Texas region.

Overview of our Railcar Repair Service in Texas

Many shippers view Standard Rail as their preferred supplier of Railcar Repair Services in Texas. The reason for this preference is that we assist in maximizing fleet utilization and bottom-line cost savings. Our services network consists of main service centers, customer on-site locations, and mobile repair teams. Each of these locations is equipped with technical, engineering, and regulatory support.

On-Site Service

Standard Rail has a large and growing capability to provide pre-trip inspection services and repair services at production facilities and terminal operations.

Inspection Service

Evaluate the condition of the equipment you own or are considering purchasing by employing Standard Rail’s proficient knowledge of railcars and repair inspection services. 

Maintenance Management

Standard Rail’s Maintenance Management Services (MMS) group adds value by proactively working with customers to advance schedule repair program work and qualifications.

Specializing in High-Quality Service

Standard Rail is making a name for itself in the market for its service efficiency, high-quality customer service,  high level of expertise, and ability to handle complex Railcar Repair and Maintenance projects. All this is possible because of our highly experienced and dedicated team.  

We provide Railcar Services in the USA with widespread market coverage. Texas offers a huge market for Standard Rail and we want to bring our experience and services to serve the customer base in Texas and other neighboring areas. Furthermore, we utilize industry-leading processes that have been developed in-house. This has resulted in an unsurpassed level of efficiency in services and quality for our customers.

Texas Railcar Repair and Maintenance Services are done when and where you need repairs, change of services/products, lease termination, and/or storage.

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