Standard Rail Corporation Announces Railcar Lounge™: Railcar Storage Made Simple

HENDERSON, NV – May 31, 2022 – Standard Rail Corporation (SRC), a privately-owned company providing rail solutions, announced today the introduction of a revolutionary product that will permit railcar owners and shippers — as well as railcar storage facility owners — to manage their operations more easily. This novelty product called, Railcar Lounge™, will permit owners to tighten and simplify control of their assets, and during the process enjoy reduced costs and greater efficiency. 

Railcar Lounge™ is scheduled for its public launch on August 22, 2022, and our team is currently working through a backlog of onboarding new and existing customers who will assist in testing the system prior to our public launch. 

” ’Railcar Lounge™’ represents the cutting edge of our leadership of the ‘Software-as-a-Service’ revolution which is about to transform the North American rail industry,” says Seth Crespin, President of Standard Rail Technologies Corporation. “There’s nothing artificial about the intelligence we’ve employed across two continents in order to create this unique utility.” 

Until now, railcar owners and operators would have to manually: (1) locate available storage locations for railcars, (2) contact facilities to confirm availability and negotiate storage terms, (3) conclude the terms of a storage contract, (4) manage the insurance requirements for the term of the contract, and (5) manually administer and manage this process through spreadsheets.

Our research shows that these processes require the typical railcar owners, operators, and railcar storage facilities to devote over 80 staff hours (or more expensive consultant hours) a month to procuring rail services for existing assets. Rail movement operations additionally take over 120 hours per month.  

Railcar Lounge™ can change all of that. It is a complete, integrated railcar storage management system. It is freely available to users online as an easy-to-use proprietary system. It permits them to keep track of all railcars at any storage facility on the platform. Now they can find, select storage, and receive authorization in minutes. The same system can provide users with standardized reports and invoices from all storage providers. And all this information can be exchanged with total security, thanks to an enterprise-level platform built with the highest standard of privacy and security in mind. 

Railcar Lounge™ will provide storage facility operators with their own range of unique benefits:

  • Reduces time spent on “tire kickers”
  • Increased market reach and exposure
  • Rate/revenue optimization
  • Eliminates administrative burdens, reduces human error
  • Optimizes underutilized storage capacity
  • Legal contract management/database
  • Highly secure interface to protect confidential information
  • System onboarding is cost-free

Visit Standard Rail Railcar Lounge™ for more information. Standard Rail Corporation is an industry-leading provider of rail services throughout North America. The company provides a wide range of rail services including mechanical services, fleet management, advanced technology, derailment clean-up, and logistics and support services. 


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Standard Rail™ and Railcar Lounge™ are the trademark of the Standard Rail Corporation in Canada and the United States.

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