The band is getting back together at Standard Rail Technologies 

World class team of proven railroad technologists reconnect to build Rail’s next big software

By Robert Skarzynski, CEO, Standard Rail Group of Companies

It was in 2000 when Seth Crespin and Carol Scarborough’s professional paths crossed for the first time at DTE Rail Services, where they were building software that the company used to manage its railcar fleet maintenance and repair operations. RipTrack, the product they were working on, came out with its first version in 2001. The duo worked closely together over the next 12 years at DTE and Freight Car America who acquired DTE in 2010. 

In 2014, the pair took their talents to the beaches of Jacksonville, FL when ShipXpress, a Supply Chain Logistics Technology company founded in 2000, acquired Freight Car America’s Rail Fleet Management Software.  

Over the next three years, ShipXpress quickly gained market share for its products and as a result, it was acquired by its competitor, GE Transportation, in 2017.  

ShipXpress was later sold to Kaleris, where it remains; however, Crespin and Scarborough stayed behind at GE and said good-bye to a product they had been instrumental in building for almost two decades.  

The pair drifted apart in the GE ecosystem and by 2019, for the first time in almost 20 years, they were no longer working together. 

Finally in 2021, an opportunity presented itself when Crespin was introduced to Standard Rail, who was building a SaaS (Software as a Service) product that was like nothing else in the rail industry.  

At the time, Standard Rail had been developing software for 2 years, had produced an internal system for managing railcar storage for its clients, and was taking the step to making a self-service portal for the industry.  

“I knew I had to be a part of it,” said Crespin, and accepted the role of President, Standard Rail Technologies – his first hire, none other than his mentor, Carol Scarborough.  

Together, the inseparable pair began building a team capable of achieving Standard Rail’s vision.  

To build the product, they needed development horsepower, and the company brought in Bishram Keshri, who had worked with Crespin from 2019-2021, to build an in-house development team in India.  

Keshri, a respected railroad technologist in his own right, quickly assembled a best-in-class team of developers with deep roots in logistics and railroad. 

The company also added additional expertise to complement Crespin and Scarborough, including Elizabeth Hansen, who had worked with the pair between 2012 and 2017.  

At the time of this writing Standard Rail has over 400 years of rail expertise, 200 years of software development expertise, including almost 80 years specific to logistics and railroad technology. 

“The band is back together, except this time, it’s an orchestra!” exclaimed Crespin.  

The band, which Scarborough insists is a rock band and not an orchestra, is back to doing what it does best, building the best software in the rail industry! 

This article is in advance of the release of Standard Rail’s Railcar Lounge™ platform, the rail industry’s first self-serve portal for railcar services, launching August 22, 2022. To learn more about what Seth and Carol are building, please visit:  

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